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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is the method of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search or non-paid search result. You can approach excellent freelance SEO services in Chennai to get the job done. SEO plays a vital role in increasing your business and only the best SEO freelancer Chennai  can help you to get top ranking in search engine results.  Hire SEO freelancer in Chennai to attract potential and existing customers online. 

SEO is a primary part of digital marketing as every year trillions of searches are done on different search engines.  Look for a SEO freelancer Chennai for searching the high-quality keywords and to reach the potential clients. The freelancer SEO specialist in Chennai can help your business to reach on top among leading search engines that includes Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Look for a SEO freelance expert in Chennai make your online business a huge success.

Why  SEO is Booming?

Thanks to technological advancement, now every business wants to establish an online presence. Right SEO practice is the best way to create online process and boost the business. Here are the top reasons why SEO is booming across the globe and why you must hire freelance SEO  specialist India. 

1. High Conversations

SEOThese - High Conversion Freelancer SEO Expert

When the SEO is done right, you can expect huge traffic, incredible lead generation which can be converted into sales. The SEO specialist in Chennai guarantees high conversation when done right.

2. Brand Building

SEOThese - Brand Building Freelancer SEO Expert

Every business wants to create a brand value for themselves. A good brand image is a must for all the business. When both on-page and off-page SEO is done right, a business can effortlessly establish themselves in the online market. A good SEO a sign that your brand has an excellent online presence and image.

3. Long Term Benefits

SEOThese - Long term benefits Freelancer SEO Services

SEO is the biggest investment for all the online businesses, it provides long term benefit in terms of boosting business, increasing traffic, and building an audience. SEO consultant Chennai offer long term benefits with right SEO practices. 

4. Cost-Effective 

Cost Effective SEO Freelancer in Chennai

SEO is the most cost-effective way to promote a business online. You don’t need to shell out big money to build visibility. All you need is to hire the best SEO expert in Chennai to get the job done with perfection.

Why SEOThese – 360 degrees SEO for your dream business

SEOThese believes in providing 360 degrees to your business website, it is one for the leading SEO company in Chennai.  The team of dedicated SEO enthusiasts follows the latest trends and SEO strategies to boost the online presence of the business. The strategies curated by SEOThese not only focuses on building a brand presence online but also is result-driven.

1. Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competition

The team of experts at SEOThese are focused to provide top ranking on leading search engines that include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The team of SEO professional in Chennai ensure you get the best services.

2. Quality Traffic

The SEOThese focuses on establishing impeccable quality and increases traffic to your online business website.  Proper keyword research by  right SEO freelancer in India, and strong positioning boost the search ranking and drive organic high-quality traffic to your website. all this will eventually boost the business and increase lead generation and revenue.

3. Invincible ROI

The ultimate goal of all the businesses is to generate excellent ROI.  SEOThese is the best freelance SEO professional India which curates smart and workable SEO strategies for your business within budget. 

Types of SEO Based on The Industries

SEO is the key mantra to drive target audience. The SEO itself is divided into 6 distinctive tupes based on the target audience. The better your keyword the more you are likely to attract your target audiences. It may include different kinds of search like academic search, product search, image, and video search, etc. You should build a website to benefit your audience and industry specific optimization technique should be adopted to make the user experience better

1. eCommerce SEO –

Before understanding what e-commerce, SEO is, let us understand what e-commerce is. 

 Here “E” refers for electronic so basically, the e-commerce is the trading of goods, service, and information over the internet. Now to increase the business you need to learn the basics of SEO tactics suitable for e commerce industry or you can also hire eCommerce Freelance SEO Services to get the job done with perfection.

The smart Freelancer eCommerce SEO Specialist techniques includes:

  • Use of optimized keyword so that your product is easily identified by the potential customer. 
  • Use simple URL’s so that user can easily reach to your website.
  • Home-Page must be simple but impressive it must include all information about the products and services. 
  • Separate columns for user feedback and strategical placement of keywords. 

  The above mention techniques will increase your website ranking in search engines.

2. Local SEO –

Freelancer local SEO expert help your business to be more noticeable in the local search result. Nowadays people search for the best products and services near them and they want the search-result super fast. This type of queries searched on a search engine is known as local search.

Now we will learn how the GMB (google my business) can help your business. A local search engine result pages a result that appears when any local search operation is made. And the organic search result that appears in the form of GMB is known as local SERP. When you hire Freelance local SEO Services you can notice a significant growth in the overall local lead generation. 

For example is you search for coffee shops near me.


you’ll notice enough search results that mention all the information about the local shops that are available near your vicinity such as opening and closing time, reviews given by the customers.

GMB increases the option for the user to directly interact with the business. When the local SEO is on point you can convert all the leads into customers effortlessly. Make sure to approach only reliable freelance SEO expert India.

3. Real Estate SEO –

Nowadays 90% of both buyers and sellers use digital platforms for their betterment and ease. On earlier days many industrialists focus on offline methods for reaching customers such as generating print ads, direct mails and so, but now they easily find their potential customers online, all thanks to the freelancer real estate SEO Specialist. 

As the use of the internet is increased, the consumers more likely to search on the internet before making any large investment.

To increase your real estate SEO, hire freelance real estate SEO services for the below mentioned 

  • Use of secured sites and simplified URL’s that can be easily accessed through customers and without any threat.
  • Optimize your website and make sure you must include a site map.
  • Page speed
  • Column for customer feedback and contact details.

4. HealthCare SEO –

Health care industry is changing, as the internet consumers are increasing the patients are more likely to search the best practitioner or health centers near them so that they don’t need to waste the time on searching the best doctor.

Nowadays, people books appointment on the website directly rather than following the traditional way of booking appointment. This all will take a lot of time for both patients and hospitals. Now they can easily book an appointment through the website.

to increase your website growth, look for freelancer healthcare SEO analyst. When you hire healthcare Freelance SEO services they take care of below mentioned things for your website.

Keywords related to medical field.


  • Make your website more mobile-friendly
  • Feedback and contact info column
  • Use of maps for easy navigation of patients.

5. Mobile App SEO –

According to recent studies, mobile web search is growing and 27 % of people discover apps while browsing the search engines. The primary goal of an app developer is to show their app in the first three search results.

Freelancer mobile app SEO analyst focuses on ASO(app store optimization), it is the process of increasing the ranking and discoverability of potential customers in app stores like Google Play and the Apple play store.

It includes some factors like:

  • Right keyword research tool
  • Name of an app
  • Quality backlinks
  • Organic brand search 

Hire mobile app freelance SEO services to bump up the mobile app download. 

6. Small Business SEO –

SEO is not only for big businesses and brands, but it also helps small businesses by optimizing your website search engine.


When the entrepreneurs understand SEO in a right manner, they can easily uplift their business. You can also hire a good freelance SEO analyst India.


Some techniques that can help your website ranking are:


  • Proper keyword research.
  • Keep your site free form broken link and pages
  • Optimized content and images.
  • Link- Building: The number of interlinks to your existing content so that you can engage your audience more on your website.
  • Use of sitemap for easy navigation.

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